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A basic metabolic panel is a combination of tests that helps them assess important functions in your body. The tests that make up the basic metabolic panel are blood serum tests for:. Your sodium, potassium, and chloride levels will be tested as part of your electrolyte panel. Electrolyte balance is essential to the normal functioning of the muscular, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. The basic metabolic panel can give your doctor a good idea as to whether you have any serious problems with:.

One advantage of a panel of tests is that many tests can be done with just one blood sample. A small amount of your blood is needed to perform this panel of tests. Blood is drawn through the needle into a tube and analyzed in a laboratory. You do not need to do anything special before this test and should not stop taking medication unless your doctor tells you to. When the blood is collected, you may feel some moderate pain or a mild pinching sensation. After the needle is removed, you may feel a throbbing sensation.

A bandage will be applied and will need to remain in place for 10 to 20 minutes to stop any bleeding. You should avoid using that arm for heavy lifting for the rest of the day. Abnormal test results may indicate a serious medical condition, such as kidney disease, diabetes, or lung disease. A high BUN level may indicate kidney disease, such as glomerulonephritis or kidney failure. Other possible causes include congestive heart failure or hypovolemic shock.

Steroids can increase your BUN, as can bleeding. A low BUN level may point to liver problems or insufficient protein in your diet. A high creatinine level may also indicate kidney problems, muscle disease, or preeclampsia. A low creatinine level may be due to muscular dystrophy or myasthenia gravisa rare disorder.

Fasting blood glucose levels may help to diagnose diabetes. Other problems, such as hyperthyroidism and certain kinds of pancreatic cancers, involve high blood glucose. Low blood glucose may indicate an underactive pituitary or thyroid or adrenal gland.

Low glucose can also occur when a person with diabetes consumes too much insulin or other diabetic medications, or eats too little food while taking these medications. High levels of albumin are very rare. Low albumin levels may be due to kidney or liver disease, recent weight loss surgery, or a low protein diet.

Lower-than-normal levels can be caused by acidosis, kidney disease, or several kinds of poison toxicities. High serum calcium can be caused by problems with the parathyroid gland most commonly, or certain types of cancer. Low serum calcium levels can be caused by many conditions, including:. Low sodium may also be due to dehydration, vomiting, and heart, liver, or kidney failure.

High serum potassium is often an indication of kidney disease. Potassium is very important for muscle function.

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High potassium levels can cause problems with the electrical activity of the heart.There are limits to the number of patients you can effectively care for. Here's how to determine that number, improve patient access and better manage your workload. Fam Pract Manag. Establishing which patients are assigned to which physicians in the practice is important for a number of reasons:.

It makes patients happy. Patient surveys clearly demonstrate that patients want the opportunity to choose a primary care provider; they want access to that provider when they choose; and they want a quality health care experience. Establishing a panel links each patient with a provider with whom they have a health care relationship. It defines the workload. Establishing a panel helps divide and define workload within a practice and helps ensure that each provider is carrying his or her fair share.

It predicts patient demand. Panels are the source of demand not only for visits but also for non-visit work paperwork, e-mail, etc. Understanding the panel helps a practice anticipate that demand both. It reveals provider performance issues. Understanding the panel allows groups to see the effects of provider variability. For example, if two providers have the same panel size but one provider has more demand than the other, then the practice can explore why this difference exists e.

It helps improve outcomes. Identifying individual panels enables providers to make a commitment to continuity that is, to taking care of their own patients for all their visitswhich results in improved clinical outcomes, 171828 — 30 reduced costs and enhanced revenue per visit.


Panel size is simply the number of individual patients under the care of a specific provider. Panel size is easiest to determine in practices that can use enrollment data to link patients to individual providers and capture that linkage in their information system. In other environments, where panel size can shift rapidly or where it is not determined by enrollment or not permanently codified in the information system, other methods are required to link patients with providers and establish the panel size.Recommend install Best Practice Data Update for Nov as this contains updated permissions allowing access to appointments.

Windows UAC will be affected.

Panel Size: How Many Patients Can One Doctor Manage?

Management of Preventive Care is complex and time consuming. No dialog boxes. No need to navigate tabs and search lists in clinical software. Information is determined from available measures and processed against guidelines. Each prompt on the DCP panel is click-able to allow further information to be shown. Billing chronic disease management items is simplified by analysing patient eligibility, tracking completed items and providing prompts for billing status.

With DCP, distributing pathology and radiology results to patients allows eradication of phone calls at the front desk.

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DCP can fill in on-line web forms and pdf documents using demographic and clinical data saving your time. Support and Licencing. Best Practice Jade Configuration. Best Practice Premier Jade release setup instructions. DCP distills clinical status in coloured prompts. This simplifies the role of GP in assessment of patients preventive care. DCP is fast, light on resources and self updating. DCP has been developed by one GP over the last ten years and has over users.Option 1 is a standard click-once installer which installs DCP for the current user only.

Recommended for most users. Option 2 installs an icon to the start menu for all users on a PC. Will run as a click-once application recommended for terminal servers or larger install scenarios. The DCP executable is signed with publishing certificate. This allows extraction of the certificate and installation into the the trusted publishers store to prevent the UAC prompts of windows.

The publisher certificate Slow Stream and instructions are also available here. Note: if error occurs during install or update try disabling anti-virus temporarily have seen this issue with Trend Micro AV, however no issues running the DCP application. Recommended for IT support staff installing for multiple GP's on the same computer or Terminal services. Support and Licencing. Best Practice Jade Configuration.

Option 1. ClickOnce installer - does not require administrator privileges. Doctors Control Panel. Get started with DCP by simply clicking install. Start menu item is created under "Doctors Control Panel".

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This application requires access through firewall to the following base URL's doctorscontrolpanel. Option 3 is for testers requiring the latest development build Fast Stream. Option 2. Download the setup file. Download Setup. Option 3. Fast Stream. ClickOnce installer.

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Doctors Control Panel Beta.In Georgia, you have choice over which doctor treats your workers compensation injury. To know what your choices are, you need to get the workers compensation doctor list. Georgia law requires your employer to post the workers compensation doctor list.

Many people have questions about this list of doctors:. In this article, I will discuss these questions and provide some information about the list of doctors. As I mentioned earlier, the doctor list is known as the panel of physicians. Most of the time, your employer will post a doctor list on the WC-P1 document. Your employer should complete this document with the names of specific doctors or medical providers.

Sometimes, your employer will use a different list of doctors known as an MCO. If your employer uses an MCO, the document posted will probably look like this. Many employers place the list on a bulletin board.

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Often, it is near the time clock. Some employers post it with other documents required by law like minimum wage information. Your employer should tell you about the list.

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Georgia law states your employer shall take all reasonable measures to:. This means more than just telling you about the panel. They also need to make sure you know about your right to pick a doctor. I find that many of my clients do not get told about the list of doctors.

Some have not even heard about it until they talk to me about their case. The doctor you pick becomes your authorized treating physician.

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Your authorized treating physician can treat you and refer you to other doctors. Picking a good authorized treating physician will help you get the treatment you need. You can read more articles about workers compensation medical treatment in this section of our website. The law does not require that your employer include all different kind of medical specialists on the list. If you employer uses a traditional panel of physicians, the only type of specialist specifically required is an orthopedic specialist.

Many people need to see other types of specialists to treat their work injuries. Your authorized treating physician can refer you to a specialist for treatment. An MCO is different and has different rules. The main difference is that there are more specialists included in the list.This person panel consists of dentists, orthodontists, and other doctors with a license to practice, with years of experience.

They are leaders in their profession, and are respected by their peers. At all of our dental locations across the United States, our panel helps oversee and guide all the dental care at these locations. The panel ensures that our team of dental professionals holds themselves to the highest standards possible.

doctor on panel

These standards of excellence include our commitment to clinical protocols, sterilization, materials, quality assurance, and patient experience. At Great Expressions, we promote continuing education for our dental professionals. Having already graduated from top-notch schools, we want to ensure that our dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, treatment coordinators, practice administrators, and other dental care professionals have access to best-of-breed training and education on new and cutting-edge procedures and practices in their respective fields.

Michigan licensed dentists may not be licensed in identified subspecialties. Office practices may vary and patients should contact the dental office for treatment and service issues.

doctor on panel

ADG does not own or operate dental practices, or employ the licensed professionals providing dental treatment and services. Our providers are appropriately credentialed to take care of patients with any commercial or government insurance and Medicaid. Our providers talk to patients remotely to evaluate the urgency of the situation. We are also working with community centers, healthcare providers and other DSOs to see their patients for emergency care.

doctor on panel

Our commitment is to the community and we are happy to help in any way we can. If you are experiencing an oral emergency during this time, please call your local practice and we will schedule your appointment at the closest practice with availability.

Office Search.A source for physicians who conduct the medical examination required for anyone applying for an immigrant visa or refugee status in the US. Skip directly to site content Skip directly to page options Skip directly to A-Z link. Panel Physician Portal. Section Navigation. Panel Physician Portal A source for physicians who conduct the medical examination required for anyone applying for an immigrant visa or refugee status in the US.

CDC provides clarifications on laboratory testing procedures and the roles of panel physicians. There are no major changes to the screening algorithm or treatment requirements. Panel physicians are medically trained, licensed, and experienced medical doctors practicing overseas who are appointed by the local US embassy or consulate. The role of QAP is to assist and guide panel physicians in the implementation of the Technical Instructions; evaluate the quality of the overseas medical examination for U.

Department of State in matters of immigrant medical screening. Technical Instructions. Factsheets and FAQs. TB Medical Consultation Services. Background Information. Links with this icon indicate that you are leaving the CDC website. Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website. You will be subject to the destination website's privacy policy when you follow the link.

CDC is not responsible for Section compliance accessibility on other federal or private website. Cancel Continue.

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